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A cross-platform media player you can use for free

MPV is a media player program that came to be thanks to the developers taking the code for Mplayer and Mplayer2 and building a new media player on top of it. It has many of the features that the Mplayer had, but also has its own fresh new features and functions.

GPU video decoding and a new on-screen controller

The MPV media player is able to decode videos using your GPU processor, and thanks to the technology it harnesses, it is able to accelerate the decoding process. The media player has its own on-screen controller. It doesn’t have an official GUI, you simply trigger the player with mouse movements. The media player itself was designed to be embeddable so that people may use it in the apps and software that they build. It is an open-source program, so you are able to change and add to the tool by taking and using its source code. You may change the media player to take better advantage of its color management, interpolation, frame timing and scaling.

A media player that is best used by app developers

The MPV is not a special or astounding media player. It has a good output, but is perhaps better for people who are creating their own apps and wish to add an easily-embeddable media player into it. The media player may also be useful for people who are having trouble playing certain video files with the current media players they have.


  • Easy to embed into other pieces of software
  • The output is of a high quality


  • It doesn’t stand out for one feature or another
  • The mouse-movement triggered controls are not fan favorites

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